Jemicy's Lower School - Social Studies

Studying a Map of the United States
Jemicy Lower School Social Studies

The Lower School Social Studies program allows students to explore subject areas through field trips, class discussions, lecture and hands-on projects that fully teach and reinforce basic fundamental concepts and skills. Classes emphasize an active, multi-sensory approach to learning and teach students to think globally and understand the interconnectedness of humankind. Students study various traditions around the world and broaden their knowledge of map symbols, keys and various types of maps. All classes study a different Fall Unit each year; other topics include:

JE Community

• Maps and Globes
• Community Service / Citizenship
• Countries (recently studied Middle East, China, Italy, Africa)
• Black History Month
• Cultural Awareness
• U.S. Geography

M Group
• Maps and Globes
• Explorers
• Maryland

I Group
• World Geography – Physical (continents, maps, topography)
• World Geography – Political
• U.S. Geography – Physical (continents, maps, topography)
• U.S. Geography – Political