Jemicy's Middle School - Arts & Electives

msarts2Jemicy students are unusually talented in many creative activities. Every year a solid core of our transitioning Y Group students are admitted to public and private schools with advanced art programs. We like to expose students to a variety of options, so arts and elective classes rotate each trimester. Choices include: visual arts, performing arts, dance, music, and video production. Through creation of the Y Group “memory book,” students are also given opportunities to express their talents in very personal ways.

The Middle School Arts Program offers three mini-blocks in order to allow all students the opportunity to follow their individual interests. Each of the courses offers a more intensive study of a particular art discipline than would normally be available in a full class of students where there is a range of interests and abilities. Students are free to make their own class choices for all three mini-mesters. Each class has an enrollment limit; therefore, students rank their choices of options.

Courses include:

Beginner Keyboard
Designed for the beginner piano student, this course will equip students with a foundation in keyboarding, chord building, and music reading.

This class will teach students the fundamentals of hand-carving and stamping. Students will use carving tools to create figurines, sculptures, or decorative designs. Students will also learn the process of stamping. The students’ carvings will be processed into stamps. The stamps will then be pressed onto a medium in order to transfer the design.

Contemporary Scene Study
This class will be conducted like a conservatory or college level acting course. It will be an ensemble class that begins with warm-ups and is followed by working on a new skill through the use of improvisation games. The second half of the class will be devoted to developing a scene, with a partner, from a contemporary drama. Students will rehearse and perform these scenes in class.

Costume I & II
Designed for both the beginner and intermediate seamstress & tailor, this project based course will equip students with basic knowledge of hand and machine sewing.

Digital Photography I & II
Designed for both the beginner and intermediate photographer, this project based course will equip students with basic knowledge of camera terms, photo capture process, and shooting technique. Basic post-processing will be explored if times allows.

Hand Sewing
The lessons will include projects and activities that will help students learn some basic skills for hand sewing. The sewing projects will start with the basics, such as how to use a needle and thread and how to tie a knot in the thread. Learning to sew by hand requires a lot of practice. The students will get through as many of the 4 basic stitches as possible.

Me and My Guitar
This elective will focus on every rocker's favorite instrument. We will learn basic cords on the guitar and work on writing our own music to go along with the guitar. Students will leave with a basic knowledge of music and how it relates to the guitar, along with a personal selection each will write for the guitar.

Musical Theatre Classics
Students will study and perform pieces of classic musical theatre. Three weeks will deliver 5 musical theatre masterpieces. Students will watch portions of the musical to become familiar with the style and story. Students will learn acting scenes taken directly from those musicals. Finally, students will learn a small piece of choreography from one of the original dances seen on film or Broadway. Students will perform scenes and dances in class.

Observational Drawing/Painting
This course will focus on basic techniques and skills in drawing and painting, starting out with charcoal drawing and shading, and then moving on to color theory and painting. Students will also look at the works of different artists to use as a frame of reference.

This course will be used to teach students the basics of playing the piano. Students will have individualized help and practice time to work on basic piano skills and songs.

Putting It Together
Ever want to do a show that went by your own rules? This class will explore the world of musical theatre, focusing on plot, settings, acting, and of course music! We will watch and discuss scenes and their purpose. The class will then work to create our own scenes and input songs of our choice into them. Let's get ready to make a musical.

Sculpture and Its Evolution
This course will look at the evolution of sculpture and the different artists who helped contribute to this process. The course will address form, space, and manipulation of different materials. Materials will vary from plaster to wood to found objects, depending on the project.

Thinking Outside the Box
Everyone all love improvisation, but there are specific tools to be learned from each improvisation activity. The students will focus on improvisation activities to learn and develop characters, plots, setting, conflict, and resolution – all while having a blast.

Video Production
Students will work vigorously to complete a video project from inception to final production. Working in teams and within a set of guidelines, students will be able to develop their own film ideas, shoot footage, edit on computers, and produce a final project to be proud of.

All of Y Group will participate in the designing of the final Memory Book to commemorate its time at Jemicy School. Students will spend one week developing the yearbook page and two weeks working on a video yearbook.