Jemicy in the News


5.13.16 Shifrin Supports Choice of New City School's CEO
5.10.16 Jemicy Students Interview Vietnam Vets
5.3.16 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
FlipSide PA
4.27.16 Jemicy Varsity Dance Team Performs at Disney
3.31.16 Women at Jemicy Find true Calling in Education
Daily Record
3.14.16 Inventor ”Rocketman” Visits Jemicy and Inspires Students
WJZ 13
2.11.16 Jemicy Students Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House
12.15.15 Emily Stanley Receives Fulbright Grant
Baltimore Business Journal
12.15.15 Jemicy Teacher Receives Fulbright Grant
Baltimore Sun
12.8.15 Emily Stanley Receives Fulbright Award
City BizList
11.24.15 Jemicy Hosts Food Drive
City BizList
11.24.15 Jemicy Hosts Food Drive
11.24.15 Jemicy Hosts Food Drive
11.23.14 Jemicy Holds 1st Performance in Tomlinson Theater
10.6.15 Lindamood Bell Director Joins Jemicy Faculty
City BizList
10.1.15 Ben talks about Learning Differences
Baltimore Style
9.11.15 Shifrin Selected for Dyslexia Task Force
Baltimore Jewish Times
9.15.15 Tests Don’t Measure the things that Matter
Baltimore Sun
8.27.15 Shifrin Selected for Governor’s Dyslexia Task Force
The Dailey Record
8.26.15 Shifrin Selected for Governor’s Dyslexia Task Force
8.13.15 Ben Shifrin Discusses Diversity in Programing
Baltimore Jewish Times
3.2.15 Jemicy Names New Director of College Counseling
Baltimore Sun
2.18.15 Jennifer Evans Named Jemicy Director of College Counseling
Baltimore Business Journal
2.10.15 Jemicy Names Director of College Counseling
11.24.14 Designing for Dyslexia
Chief Learning Officer
10.30.14 Anonymous Donor Gives $2 Million to Jemicy
Daily Record
10.30.14 Anonymous Donor Pledges $2 Million to Jemicy
10.10.14 Former Jemicy Student Winner in VSA Program
9.23.14 Jemicy Alum Wins Kennedy Center Competition
9.22.14 Morse Named Jemicy COO
Baltimore Business Journal
9.17.14 Sarah Morse Named Jemicy COO
9.12.14 Shifrin Joins Stevenson University’s Advisory Council
9.10.14 Shifrin Joins Stevenson University’s Advisory Council
The Daily Record
9.9.14 Shifrin Joins Stevenson University’s Advisory Council
Baltimore Business Journal
8.14.14 Schools Take Math Disabilities Head On
Baltimore Jewish Times
6.10.14 Gorn Foundation Enables Real World Challenge
5.27.14 Jemicy Raised Money for Heart Association
5.23.14 Jemicy KSR 2014
5.22.14 Jemicy Middle School Produces Newzies
5.21.14 US Students visit Environmental Research Center
5.20.14 LMS Breaks Ground for Outdoor Learning Center
5.20.14 Upper School holds Area Climbing Competition
5.19.14 M Groupers Share Knowledge with Zoo Visitors
5.16.14 Jemicy US Marks Earth Day
5.15.14 US Students set Sail
5.14.14 US Students Participate in Habitat Build
5.12.14 Jemicy US Students Visit Calvert Cliffs
5.9.14 Jemicy Bridge Project
5.8.14 Jemicy History Class Visits Philadelphia
5.7.14 Jemicy Chemistry Students Create Lofty Reaction
5.6.14 Grant Enables Trout in the Classroom Program
5.5.14 Jemicy Holds Science Fair 2014
5.1.14 Jemicy US History Students Visit DC
4.30.14 Jemicy Dance Team Performs at Disney
4.29.14 Jemicy Holds Oratorical Competition
4.29.14 Jemicy Students Visit Reginald F. Lewis Museum
4.28.14 Jemicy US Students Journey to South Africa South Africa
4.28.14 Jemicy LS Celebrates the 100th Day of School
4.17.14 Jemicy US Students Learn about Maple Sugaring
4.2.14 Jemicy US Students Journey to South Africa
3.31.14 Jemicy Equestrian Victorious in Regionals
2.23.14 Jemicy Senior Competes in Bouldering Nationals
Baltimore Sun
2.10.14 Jemicy Dance Teams and Chorus Perform
2.11.14 Jemicy 7th Grader Stars in First Opera Performance
2.3.14 Jemicy Hosts Annual Science Fair
1.29.14 Jemicy Students Turn Real Math into Reel Math
1.21.14 Jemicy Participates in Habitat Build
1.15.14 Jemicy Students Visit BSO and Movez
1.8.14 Jemicy Performs Sound of Music
1.3.14 Paul Rabil Supports Jemicy School and Students with Learning Differences
Baltimore Style
12.30.13 Jemicy Jaunt Club Builds Kayaks
12.30.13 Jemicy School Devotes a Day to Community Service
12.30.13 Jemicy School’s Annual Coffee House Event
Baltimore Sun
12.30.13 Jemicy Students Build Reef Balls
12.12.13 Jemicy Student Explore Drum Collection
12.12.13 World Music Concert Comes to Jemicy School
12.12.13 Jemicy’s Schools Annual Coffee House Event
12.9.13 Rabil Fundraiser to Benefit Jemicy
Baltimore Sun
12.5.13 Jemicy Holds Successful Rocket Launch
12.5.13 Jemicy School Celebrates Field Day
12.5.13 Jemicy Festival Day – The Beat Goes On
12.5.13 Shifrin Comments on Brain Studies
Health Day
11.27.13 Jemicy School Head Named IDA VP
11.27.13 Shifrin Named IDA Executive Board VP
Baltimore Business Journal
11.26.13 Jemicy School to Compete in MIAA
Baltimore Sun
11.25.13 IDA Names Ben Shifrin VP
11.19.13 Jemicy: 40 Years of Dedication
Owings Mills Life
11.18.13 Jemicy Students Create Trash Boats
11.12.13 Paul Rabil, Tony Siragusa Visit Jemicy
10.30.13 Rabil Speaks to Jemicy about Overcoming Learning Disabilities
Baltimore Sun
10.22.13 Parents, Lawmakers Target Dyslexia
10.13.13 Shifrin Adds Expertise to Story about Dyslexia
Desert News
10.5.13 Shifrin USA Today Interview Clarifies Dyslexia
9.10.13 Ben Shifrin Talks about Dyslexia
Child Guide Magazine (page 12)
9.6.13 Beckie Cowan Fisher Named Associate Director of Development
Daily Record
8.30.13 Alum David Kowitz ’90 Credits Jemicy with Success
Baltimore Jewish Times
8.5.13 On the Move - Beckie Cowan Fisher Jemicy’s New Associate Director of Development
Baltimore Business Journal
8.2.13 Jemicy Celebrates Accomplishments with Ruby Gala and Auction
Daily Record
8.1.13 Beckie Cowan Fisher names Jemicy’s Associate Director of Development
7.11.13 Jemicy Student Becomes Riding Champion
6.21.13 Jemicy Student Honored for Crime Fighting Efforts
6.11.13 Jemicy US History Class Visits the Capitol
6.13.13 Jemicy Participates In Reef Ball Project
6.5.13 Jemicy Participates in KSR
5.31.13 Jemicy Dance Team Marks Successful Year
5.28.13 Jemicy Students Teach Zoo Visitors about Migratory Birds
5.22.13 Jemicy Makes Way for Ducklings
5.16.13 Jemicy 5th Graders Visit Echo Hill
5.7.13 Jemicy Students Envision Living on their Own
5.1.13 Jemicy studies Stream Ecology
4.29.13 Jemicy Student Advances in Gymnastics Competition
4.26.13 Jemicy US Students Visit War College
4.19.13 Shifrin Appointed to Children’s Advisory Committee
Daily Record
4.16.13 Shifrin Joins State Department Committee on Exceptional Children
4.16.13 Shifrin Selected for Advisory Committee on Exceptional Children
Baltimore Business Journal
4.2.13 Shifrin Offers Tips for Choosing a Summer Camp
3.20.13 Photo Honor for Jemicy Student
Baltimore Guide
3.15.13 Teenage Brains Don’t Work Before 10 a.m.
Baltimore Sun
2.21.13 Jemicy LMS 3rd Annual Shakespeare Day
2.20.13 Jemicy “Green" Science Facility Opens Ahead Of Schedule
2.15.13 Jemicy LMS Holds Annual Science Fair
2.11.13 Jemicy Opens State-of-the-Art Science Facility
1.23.13 Jemicy Students Build Hydroponics System
1.22.13 Children's Author Visits JE Community
1.21.13 Jemicy Upper School Welcomes Annual Visiting Artist
1.18.13 Jemicy Uses 21st Century Technology to Enhance Spanish Instruction
1.17.13 Jemicy US Students Build Model Rockets
1.16.13 Jemicy Junior Reaches Divisionals in National Championship
1.15.13 Shifrin Addresses Importance of the Arts in 21st Century Schools
1.15.13 Jemicy US Holds Personal Care Drive for Hannah Moore
1.14.13 Jemicy School Supports Toys for Tots
12.18.12 School Webcam Captures Hatching Chicks
12.18.12 Jemicy US Students Visit Philadelphia
12.13.12 Jemicy Climbing Team Hikes Sugarloaf Mountain
12.12.12 Jemicy US’s 6th Annual Coffee House Event
12.12.12 Baltimore Author Visits Jemicy School
12.3.12 Jemicy MS Student Stars as Tiny Tim
12.3.12 Jemicy School Named “Top Workplace”
12.2.12 Why Send Your Child to a Private School - Workplace Satisfaction
12.2.12 Jemicy Among Baltimore Sunpaper’s Top Workplaces
Baltimore Sun
11.28.12 Jemicy School Supports Hurricane Sandy Victims
11.27.12 Jemicy Lower School Performs Mary Poppins
11.16.12 Jemicy Head Celebrates 10 Years, Gets National Award
11.13.12 Jemicy School Head Ben Shifrin Earns Outstanding Administrator Award
City Biz List
11.13.12 Jemicy Head Earns Outstanding Administrator Award
11.12.12 Students Donate Art for Recovering Veterans
9.18.12 Knott Grant Enables Jemicy to Complete MS Laptop Program
City Biz List
8.29.12 Jemicy Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Green Science Classroom
8.29.12 Jemicy Breaks Ground on Green Science Classroom
City Biz List
8.2.12 1M Gorn Foundation Grant Goes to Jemicy School
8.1.12 Jemicy Receives 1M Grant from Gorn Foundation
7.13.12 Middle School Student Wins National Championship
Carroll County Times
7.11.12 Jemicy Student Donates Hair to Locks of Love
7.11.12 Jemicy Alumnus Receives Art Award
7.11.12 Jemicy 6th Graders Raise Funds for Humane Society
6.1.12 Jemicy Students Release Baby Terrapins
6.1.12 Jemicy Students Help Save Diamondback Terrapins
5.31.12 Jemicy Student Regional Trampoline Championship
5.31.12 Students Shepherd Baby Terrapins to the Bay
Carroll County Times
5.31.12 Jemicy Student Wins Regional Trampoline Championship
Carroll County Times
5.31.12 Jemicy Celebrates Head of Schools 10th Year
Carroll County Times
5.30.12 Seven Tips to Keep Kids Engaged and Busy for the Summer
5.29.12 Jemicy Student Finishes Big in First Half Marathon
5.29.12 Shifrin Marks 10 Years as Head of Jemicy School
5.29.12 Jemicy Students Attempt to Break Guinness Record
5.24.12 Jemicy Hosts 4th Annual Evening of the Arts
5.24.12 Jemicy Founding Faculty Helps Students Create Timeline
5.24.12 Jemicy School Celebrates Earth Day
5.24.12 Jemicy History Students Visit Washington, DC
5.24.12 Jemicy Students Shine at Book Assembly
5.23.12 Jemicy School Can Derby Benefits Maryland Food Bank
5.23.12 Jemicy US Students Create Oral Histories of Vietnam Vets
5.23.12 Jemicy Upper School Holds Mock Trial
5.23.12 Jemicy ACEs Awards at KSR
5.23.12 Jemicy Hosts 4th Annual Evening of the Arts
5.16.12 Alumnus Jason Berman Shares is Story with Current Students
5.15.12 Rock Climbing Team Tackles Earth Treks
5.8.12 Jemicy’s Can Derby Stocks Food Bank’s Coffers
5.3.12 Jemicy Students Test Skills in KSR Race
4.17.12 Vietnam Vet Speaks to Jemicy US Students
MD National Guard Pressroom
4.12.12 Vietnam War Veterans Speak to Students
4.11.12 Jemicy School and MICA Team Up for Animation Project
4.5.12 MICA Teams with Jemicy to Animate Memory Tricks
3.2.12 Jemicy LMS Celebrate Dr. Suess's Birthday
3.1.12 Jemicy LMS Holds Annual Science Fair
2.24.12 Jemicy Middle School Celebrates Shakespeare
2.17.12 Holocaust Survivor Visits Jemicy’s 8th Grade Class
2.13.12 JE Students Get Magical Dental Lesson
2.12.12 The Reality of Dyslexia: Millions Struggle
1.30.12 Jemicy’s Varsity Dance Teams Perform at Disney World
1.25.12 Brains of Dyslexic Children Show Abnormalities Before Symptoms Appear
Inside Science
1.19.12 Jemicy Senior Zach Bowers Awarded Comcast Scholarship
1.16.12 Children’s Author Visits Jemicy Lower School
1.12.12 Ben Shifrin Inducted IDA Hall of Fame
Daily Records
1.8.12 Hormes, Middle School Head, US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee
12.20.11 Jemicy's 5th Annual Coffee House Event
12.15.11 Jemicy Supports Marine Alumnus
12.14.11 Jemicy Offers Financial Aid Application Tips
12.14.11 Jemicy Student Places 2nd in Bouldering
12.13.11 Jemicy & Build-a-Block Earn Ravens Recognition
12.12.11 Ben Shifrin Offers Tips for Teachers' Gifts
12.12.11 Jemicy LMS Dance Teams Perform at Tree Lighting
12.7.11 Bob Krist, Jemicy Upper School's 2nd Visiting Artist
11.21.11 Cathy Rommel and Pat Utz - People on the Move
Baltimore Sun
11.18.11 Jemicy MS Students Participate in National Chemistry Week
11.18.11 Dyslexia: No Problem
Baltimore Jewish Times
11.14.11 Ben Foss Visits Jemicy US Campus
11.14.11 Pat Utz Named Director of Admission and Financial Aid
The Daily Record
11.11.11 Veterans' Day at Jemicy School
11.11.11 Jemicy’s Gitlin Places 8th in Cross Country Meet
11.11.11 Ben Shifrin Quoted on Marketing Through Technologies
Baltimore Business Journal
11.8.11 Jemicy Students Recognized by IDA MD Branch
11.1.11 Jemicy LMS Students Study National Parks
10.10.11 Meisel named Jemicy Board Chairman
Daily Record
9.29.11 Jemicy Supports Recess Time Initiative
9.26.11 Emily Stanley Abstract on the Place of Outdoor Play in a School Community
University of Colorado at Boulder/CYE Journal
9.12.11 New Technology for Kids with Learning Disabilities
8.31.11 Is Recess a Luxury?
8.23.11 Getting to Know Jemicy
8.23.11 Jemicy Upper School's New Athletic Field

5.6.16 Jemicy Talks about Kinetic Sculpture Race
11.16.15 Rabil Foundation Helps Students with Learning Differences
10.29.15 Therapy Dogs Helping Kids with Dyslexia
10.5.15 Ben Talks about How to Close the Reading Gap
WBAL 1090
3.12.14 Jemicy Students Journey to South Africa
10.20.13 Ben Shifrin Talks about Dyslexia
8.27.13 Ben Shifrin Speaks About What Makes Jemicy Unique
7.14.13 Ben Shifrin discusses warning signs of dyslexia
5.20.13 Darius Rucker…Inspired by Jemicy Talent
WPOC 93.1
3.19.13 Jemicy’s New Science Classroom
Baltimore Sun
3.15.13 Teenage Brains Don’t Work Before 10 a.m.
10.15.12 Shifrin Discusses Dyslexia, Jemicy, and the IDA
Heaven 600 AM Radio
10.9.12 Ben Shifrin Talks About Dyslexia
WCNY (Shifrin segment starts at 19 mins, 30 sec)
10.2.12 Jemicy Promotes Dyslexia Awareness Month
5.10.12 Jemicy and others attempt to Break Reading Record
4.20.12 Outdoor Play at Jemicy School
2.27.12 Chinese Exchange Students Visit Jemicy Upper School
WJZ 13/CBS Baltimore
12.4.11 Ben Shifrin Talks About Productive Holiday Breaks
11.5.11 Ben Shifrin Offers Report Card Advice
10.19.11 Jemicy US Students Rally for Teacher with Breast Cancer
5.19.11 Ben Shifrin Offers Tips on Creating a Productive Summer
4.29.11 Jemicy/Baltimore City Schools Partnership
4.21.11 Ben Shifrin Discusses the Need for Outdoor Play
4.15.11 Ben Shifrin Discusses the Impact of Bullying in Schools
10.29.10 5 Tips for attending a school for learning differences
10.21.10 Egypt (literally) comes alive at Baltimore County school
10.18.10 Child's learning disability not the end of the world in ed
8.19.10 Ben Shifrin offers tips for back to school routine
6.17.10 Ben Shifrin gets kids involved in summer volunteering
5.20.10 Ben Shifrin offers advice on dealing with school bullying
5.7.10 Ben Shifrin talks about summer learning
4.22.10 Ben Shifrin offers advice on finding the right summer camp
2.18.10 Ben Shifrin on Guiding Children in Planning and Organizing
11.20.09 Understanding Your Child's Report Card
10.26.09 School Brings Awareness to Dyslexia
10.15.09 Dyslexia: Warning Signs with Ben Shifrin
9.17.09 Ben Shifrin Advises Parents How to Talk to Teachers
8.20.09 Back to School: Interview with Ben Shifrin