The purpose of the Jemicy School Alumni Association is to promote the interests and goals of Jemicy School by providing leadership, support, and resources for the benefit of the School community including alumni, students, parents, faculty, administration and staff.

In order to achieve this, the Association will facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the alumni and School administration, sponsor and promote events, programs and other activities designed to encourage alumni participation. These programs are intended to cultivate a heightened affinity and loyalty for the School and to provide opportunities for the professional, social and intellectual growth of the Alumni Association’s members and students.

Hear Their Stories

Alumni Share School Memories and Journeys Since Jemicy

Over four decades have passed since a group of determined, dedicated, and committed educators and parents banded together to create Jemicy School, which has changed the lives of more than 1500 students over the years.

Jeffrey Feldman '79



Horseback riding in the early days.


Jemicy gave me the foundation so that I could do well in school, eventually graduating with honors from Washington University and in the top third of my law school class at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Prior to going to Jemicy, I remember looking around my second grade classroom as my classmates were all engrossed in their work and thinking, "What are these people doing?"

Steve Dziuba '84



My favorite memories definitely have to do with Joe and airplanes. I think my top memory would either be going for my first small airplane ride with Joe, going to the airport to see the airplanes take off, or building model airplanes. I also remember working on different Science Fair projects with Joe. Working on the plays was always a lot of fun, and I always enjoyed the social studies theme that happened at the beginning of each year. My favorite was Westward Move, where we learned about America’s history and the expansion west.

Steve O'Neil '93



The journey of life has kept me plenty busy since that hot summer day in 1993 when I graduated from Jemicy to make my mark on the world. In fact, life has kept me so busy that I'm bewildered, if not saddened to admit that not until recently did I dedicate the time and honesty to truly grasp how six years at Jemicy would shape the twenty-one that followed.

Nick Ireys '02



It impossible to answer with just one memory, so I will pick the earliest, "best" memory. In fact, it was an entire night. It was the first year I attended Jemicy; I was in third or fourth grade. The school was having a talent contest of some sort. I remember it being great weather outside, so it must have been in the spring. This event was also a sleepover for whomever wanted to, but also, many parents were attending. So, for whatever reason, I, a fourth grader, was chosen to be the MC of the entire event (from what I remember). I had my list of acts to announce and a list of corny jokes to tell.