Hear Their Stories

Alumni Share School Memories and Journeys Since Jemicy

Over four decades have passed since a group of determined, dedicated, and committed educators and parents banded together to create Jemicy School, which has changed the lives of more than 1500 students over the years.

Mike Cowan '77



It is hard to pick one, as I enjoyed so many things, but my fondest memory would be receiving a hand-made key chain from Joe Perkins for Christmas. I still have the key chain. I have my initials on one side and a picture of me playing goalie on the other.

Manuel Vendelis '82



It is hard to say that I have just one fond memory. However, if I were to pick something, it would be my trip to Canada in the camper with Joe and Beau. There are also so many great stories that I remember between Joe and Roger; going camping on the Eastern Shore, building speedboats, and I can’t leave out Mark, who at that time was coaching all my sports. What great memories!

Bobby Harvey '01



There are many memories, so I don't think I can choose just one. One of my favorite was the Science Fair every year. For about two or three years, my good friend Brennan Kelly and I worked countless hours on a series of tubes and valves mounted to a plywood board. The goal was to see who could choose the fasted route for the water from the top to the bottom. This, of course, was located out back by Joe's workshop, as we didn't necessarily do a great job of containing the water. One year, we did it on the night of the Fair; the weather didn't cooperate, and it poured down rain all night. I can distinctly remember sitting out in the rain in a raincoat, soaking wet giving demonstrations to the few people (I think only our parents) who braved the rain to come out.