The purpose of the Jemicy School Alumni Association is to promote the interests and goals of Jemicy School by providing leadership, support, and resources for the benefit of the School community including alumni, students, parents, faculty, administration and staff.

In order to achieve this, the Association will facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the alumni and School administration, sponsor and promote events, programs and other activities designed to encourage alumni participation. These programs are intended to cultivate a heightened affinity and loyalty for the School and to provide opportunities for the professional, social and intellectual growth of the Alumni Association’s members and students.

Hear Their Stories

Alumni Share School Memories and Journeys Since Jemicy

Over four decades have passed since a group of determined, dedicated, and committed educators and parents banded together to create Jemicy School, which has changed the lives of more than 1500 students over the years.

Bill Pearce '76



What is my fondest Jemicy memory? Well, as we all know, dyslexia can wreak havoc on the memory. However, when it comes to Jemicy, I have countless fond memories, the majority of which are directly related to Joe Chidester. Joe had the gift of being able to open the doorways into our nonstandard brains. Whether it was the day-to-day science classes, or the Science Fairs, or the great road trips he took us on, or teaching us how to rappel either off of cliffs or the side of the gym, and oh, I can’t forget taking us flying up at Westminster Airport… we had fantastic experiences while learning the entire time!

Brian Kowitz '83



My fondest memories of Jemicy are definitely three trips we took (1) Vermont, (2) white water rafting down the Youghiogheny River, and (3) Cape Cod. They were all my first visits for each. I learned how to ski for the first time on the enormous mountains of Mount Snow in Vermont. I white water rafted for the first time in Pennsylvania on the exciting and choppy waters of the Youghiogheny River, and I jumped off of giant sand dunes on the beaches of Cape Cod. These three trips really took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to open up to exploring and trusting myself in situations that were not 100% comfortable for me. It opened my eyes to all the exciting possibilities there are in this world and helped me become more independent.

Bobby Sabelhaus '91



My fondest memory while attending Jemicy was playing on the basketball team as a Y Grouper. We were undefeated that season, with a 17-0 record, and won the private school championship against Boy’s Latin. Winning games against some of the larger private schools in the Baltimore area is something I will never forget. That season meant more to us than just going undefeated, though. Athletics at Jemicy didn’t get the respect from other private schools, so winning games against McDonogh, St. Paul’s, Gilman, and Boy’s Latin gave us a deep sense of pride about being Jemicy student-athletes.

Laura Quinn '01



I have so many incredible memories of Jemicy between Science Fairs, plays, sports games, and the incredible trips we got to take. I look back on the experiences I got from Jemicy between my first dance class to learning to ski, and I don't know any other school that would provide such a wide spread of activities and experiences for students.