Hear Their Stories

Alumni Share School Memories and Journeys Since Jemicy

Over four decades have passed since a group of determined, dedicated, and committed educators and parents banded together to create Jemicy School, which has changed the lives of more than 1500 students over the years.

Barry Sutton '75



It’s hard to pick just one, but I would say meeting John Bilgrave. We hit it off right away: from day one in classes, to the athletic field, to spending time at our houses. He taught me a lot about life and how important it is to get along with others. I really miss John Robert Bilgrave and look forward to seeing him one day.

Nate Tower '80



Wow, I have many special and powerful memories from my days at Jemicy – from building all kinds of things in woodshop, including a mini-moose, to taking care of Lambchops (school lamb), to amazing science fairs, to dreaming up projects (and with Joe Chidester’s help, building them), to the school trips.

Susan Kraaij Day '91



That is a tough one. My favorite memory is more of a feeling than a memory. It was the feeling of finally being at a place that understood that I was more than just a struggling reader.

Sarah Westervelt '00



As I believe it would be for many Jemicy students, it is hard to choose a single favorite memory from my school years. I guess if have to be selective, I would pinpoint the time I spent in Debbie's art room – countless classes, recesses, after-school time.